Sunday, May 22, 2011

Feels like home again

Training wheels are off and we're flying solo for a while.

While it's great to be at home with everyone under one roof, there are certain things I miss about being away.

We put the pedal to the metal and seriously ramped up arena time. We've been actively schooling since last Friday and finished up the eight day marathon yesterday with being able to gallop and trot steadily over the hills for the first time in weeks. We were both happy not to see an arena for 45 minutes.

Somedays are better than others.

There are some days where we nail a sold canter- halt or a not so large pir. Then there are days where tempi's are non-existent. But for the most part, the solution to the bad days isn't to back off, it's to pick up again the next day and work on it until resolved.

The last official lesson was Wednesday. In a packed arena, we went through our paces. Sinari, recovering from a bad week of being in season and non-stop schooling indoors, was still a little stuck on the right, but was on target in the deep footing, giving good lateral work (baby zig zags), good changes and improved mediums. Her warm up is getting more consistent. I got picked on (and validly so) about the curb rein. 

I've received what seems like two months of marching orders. Smaller pir's, stronger mediums, work on the tempi's, and get the halts down. I've also received the order to get current tape on the mare at least once a week.

So far we're right on target for a June show. Hopefully it means completion of my bronze, L program requirements, and being able to focus the summer on solidifying other levels.

It also means revamping an entire kur. I've been listening to new music and coming across different things and sent a few ideas onward.

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