Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You've got the music in you

Up until Tuesday, the pony was on what seemed like perpetual winter break.

The weather has temporarily subsided at least till next Wednesday, until then the pony is back under saddle and feeling really nifty.

But between rounds of doing nothing I've reopened up the freestyle, namely music selection. My last selection was from BBC and Torchwood, the one prior was a Zimmer composure of The Corpse Bride. These were decent personal freestyles, but nothing to go on and be competitive with.

Truth is, there is a million music choices out there and a million things I would like to use or experiment with.  The difficult thing and the biggest mistake is to plug too many things in one place. As a really nice kur composer put it for me: zen is best.

So during the snowy weeks, I started pushing around for new music.

Dr. Who was a top choice, but there are too many bits to string together from different pieces, and it was not feminine enough. Slumdog Millionaire was another choice (NAJYRC individual played it), but the Bollywood soundtrack was too many BPM and would make her move like a sewing machine. I briefly considered U2, Muse and a few other big bands, but again the variety and volume would make the music hacked.

I went back to Zimmer's library of work. The lovely thing about movie soundtracks is that the pieces are automatically cohesive an naturally have a storyboard behind them. I've chosen a few, and will try them out when Sinari becomes more fit.

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