Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the road

I spent the majority of my weekend (and week) in the cab of my truck running around, but between everything I managed to squeak in the first solid works of the new year on the pony.

The weather really opened up to mid fifties and soared to low sixties. It was so nice, I had trouble finishing out the regular office work week.

My outdoor finally cleared out from underneath the snow and water to be solid enough to work on. While I do have an indoor, I prefer to work outside where the footing is a little better and there's a bit more room to play. The indoor is reining deep. She worked well in the high winds and felt much more adjustable.

Coming back from light riding/no work is a serious task this year. I hope to not loose the ground we gained over the last season. I've become a little more vigilant in warming up and cooling down, as well as the quality of work that goes on in between.

To help change things up we took a road trip to another facility down the road. It was the first riding trip off the property in over a year and I was nervous. It was the quiet day at that farm, and I had the indoor to myself. Despite the kick up in wind and seeing carriages for the first time in god knows how long she did well (Sinari is a driving reject among several things).

Went through elements of second and third but mostly picked one or two heavy themes throughout the session (bend and adjustments).

She's unfit, but still remembers about everything minus the new lines for flying changes. Give it three weeks and we will be able to run through fourth and maybe PSG.


Young Equestrian said...

I just wanted to let you know that I love the fact that you put such an emphasis on ponies in your dressage career! Ponies are very near to my heart. I am currently riding a little nut of a pony who is a mess under saddle but a total lovable goof. I honestly don't think ponies are given enough credit on the dressage scene in North America.

Kelly said...