Sunday, February 13, 2011

Here comes the sun

It's been well over a week of strict no riding. The weather has pounded this region fairly hard within the last week or so. What I thought was an extended break was more or less a window and have been grounded ever since.

I can't say the time off hasn't done the pony good. While she isn't as fit, she is maintaining and improving through the schedule that I've got her on.

Goals January:
-Ride as many time as the weather will allow
 Achieved, there were times where we managed two to three works in a row, but everything was infrequent. I've begun to make arrangements to do Florida next year.

-Refine half halts
With infrequent work this became harder. 

-lateral work
played with shallow half passes, namely half pass, immediately straight, half pass again. Did a little bit of pir work when she offered.

Better, sharper, but not sustainable at the moment.

-Develop show schedule

-Ride as many times as the weather will allow
-half halts
-Regain fitness (horse and rider)
-Prepare materials for L program
-run through second and third level
-big, bold changes


SallymetHarryHorse said...

so far i've only achieved 'ride as many times as weather will allow' for Feb. Which includes a grand total of Once! Roll on March! following along your blog, only just found it :-)

Kelly Gage said...
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Kelly said...