Friday, January 7, 2011

Process the progress

I'm late on posting the December recap, I blame the recent nice weather which allowed us to get outside consistently for a few days.

Sinari did well with the time off, although I suspect the lack of turnout (weather induced) gave her a lot of rest. When we did return to work she was rock solid after three days of refreshing and reminding that the standing rules are still standing.We worked mostly on adjustability, re-affirming the inside leg and half halts.

Goals December:
-1/2 Pirouette to full pirouette
Much better, less schooling size more competition size.  Still have to be aware of the last step and pivots.

-Quality between-gait transitions
Better, started doing medium/extended to collected.

-Changes on different lines/set ups
Good not quite there. She's behind the aids.

 Not quite where I like it to be. With two weeks off due to weather,

Goals January:
-Ride as many time as the weather will allow
-Refine half halts
-lateral work
-Develop show schedule

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