Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Calendar Girl (and boy)

Show season is almost here in Kentucky and I'm being forced out into the world due to the list of goals, and obligations.

Being from the north, there is usually an indoor series or two by February, but moving south and watching the season start late (April), it's rather frustrating. Over the years though, things have started earlier. Currently there are a few small one day recognized shows in March and if I have my way in the next few years, there will be an indoor series.

In a way I miss a 30 minute drive time to reach a horse show, average time to get to one here ranges from 15 minutes to 4 hours. Being budget minded, I'm looking towards the 15 minute to 1 1/2 hour range for Sinari and keeping it strictly Lexington for Sincere.

To add to the difficulty there are NO USDF/EF young horse shows that are nearby. KDA did away with theirs about two years ago, and MSEDA I don't know if they will be running theirs. Spy Coast farm is doing a low-key young horse series (non-rated with USEF/DF judges) which we'll attend as well. It even looks like they'll provide runners too.

So far it looks like we'll be double-timing in April and maybe May.

June is questionable as well as August. September, October and a bonus round in November if a clinician's dates fall through.

Tentative schedule.

January 14th-16th: L Program
March 11th-13th: L Program
April 30th: L Program
May 21st-22nd:  Three Phase Event at Shaker Village
May 25th- 29th: Sitting hours

For Sinari: 
April 2nd-3rd: Christoph Hess clinic
April 8th-9th: April show at Majestic Farms
May 6th-7th: Run for the Roses at Majestic Farms
September: Christoph Hess Clinic
October 15th and 16th: KDA Fall Classic I and II

Various: Spy Coast
June 28th-July 3rd: Silverrama 
September: Sport Horse Nationals (depending on how he'll look)
Various: SAHIBA

Maybe I'll get lucky next year and get to go to Florida where they have 15 events in a span of three weeks.


Austen said...

Those shows at Majestic Farm don't happen to be in Cincinnati do they? If so, we might be there!

Kelly said...

they do indeed (although it's considered Batavia)

lexdvm said...

Meadow lake is closer to home, you should try the shows there!

Dressager said...

I love that movie!!!

Kelly said...

Lexdvm- currently my personal schedule interferes with the timing of the Meadowlake shows (minus the Summer and fall which are tentative depending on dates of other events). Otherwise I would be there, I have showed there and the facility is very lovely.