Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On pins and needles

Last week I spent a little time in the saddle, and most of it on the ground.

I've started what I've promised to start- a support program to help maintain the pony through the hard work ahead.

We ended the week well enough, still stuck in the same problems, but coming along. I paused Wednesday through Friday for three full days of equine and human physical therapy.

Truth is, FEI in any discipline is hard work. It demands the most out of the partnership, it is unforgiving as it is rewarding.

My normal routine with Sinari pre-ride involves stretching, a bit of tapping and a few other things, post ride is bath, and aqua therapy (technical term for cold hosing legs). She is fed supplements, and has regular massage/chiro work done. I have regular body work done as well.

But we were plateauing in some areas. 

We've taken it one step further- we've added acupuncture to the venture.

Prior to the first session I was a serious skeptic. It seemed more like bunk science than anything else. But considering the source (my vet), I bit.

For about an hour, the good doctor palped, pushed and poked the pony. She put needles in various spots, with B-12 in the tips, wiggled a few around, removed and repeated everything. She cracked a few spots in the lower spine, adjusted her neck, and managed, beyond my belief to accurately diagnose the problems we have been having for the past three weeks without seeing Sinari jog a single step.

When it was all said and done, I was sold. The pony's posture improved dramatically, her range of motion was huge and she was twice as relaxed. Her joints were flat, and even after three hard rides, she was non-reactive across her back.

I about nearly cried. If you have the chance, get acupuncture done.

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