Sunday, May 2, 2010

No one said it was easy

April lent itself to more schooling, more lessons and undoubtably more work to do.

Sinari, as she is fitting up, is becoming stronger in the FEI work. While I doubt that will be confirming PSG by fall, we will most likely be to that point to run through the entire test.

I've begun to think about next year already, which is unfortunate because this year isn't half way done yet. I would like to be at Devon if we qualify, the CDI in my backyard and with the Gladstone Pony Championships getting underway, I would like to attempt to qualify for those as well.

To compete with the best, you train not only as smart as you can, but as hard and with the best. I feel incredibly lucky to receive two opportunities to go out and play. First is with Christoph Hess, the I Judge, the second, I can't announce yet, but just being able to sit on the sidelines and watch him in action is something I couldn't imagine happening.

Recapping April:

Her pirouette work has come a long way, her left is better than her right, but she is turning, and with the dozen or so new exercises that Sharon and Patience have given me to work on the next 30 days,  my favorite of which is the canter-walk-canter transition in the pirouette. Sinari doesn't think it so amusing.

Half pass has improved ten fold, but still needs work. I think it's due to me finally learning to deflect the outside shoulder an sweep the outside hind under. She's more straight, and vertical but gets a little cranky still. We managed to pull off a number of good ones in recent weeks.

Half halts better, not as bad, but still need to be sharper.
More educated transitions through the gaits came late this month thanks again to Patience who had us road trotting around the arena to transition to passage-y steps back out to road trot medium. Sharon capitalized on it, working in and out of half steps making sure that the transitions run clear.
Saddle that fits properly. I finally got something as an in-between of the Duett and a custom. Vicky lent me her old Ideal Jessica, which fits far better (except it needs extra girth holes) than the Duett. Sinari has an appointment with County in two weeks. Can't wait to start rolling with them.
I didn't get to school through PSG at least once, but we schooled a number of things from it.
And we're back in the double bridle two to three days a week.

May's goals are:
Four and three time changes (we do them but I'm not counting them)
Pirouette and half pass.
Transitions, transitions and more transitions

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