Sunday, May 2, 2010

All hung up

Since my stint at Rolex and with the clinic, the small lad has not had much time to train or be handled between rounds. I was lucky to go out and scratch his neck before I disappeared into the fog of a weekend.

The young man must have had ants in his pants because a friend called to say he became hung up on a board on the fence. He's alright, and while he's no worse for wear, his halter needs replacing.

It was about time, he was growing out of the old one with the crown on it's last holes and the halter itself being on its last legs. No bother, go to my old tack trunk and find another.

Now it's the end of April and just the start of may and what did we accomplish? Much of nothing except a little triangle work. So more of April in May and only 15 days till his big 0-1!

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