Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Turn, turn, turn

I feel sorry for the poor boy. He's graduated from yak to goat in the fuzzy department, but the weather has caused him grief lately.

It's been unseasonably warm. April is normally 60 degrees, and lately it has been 70. Not good. So in addition to getting his first bath (hooray for long hoses and hot days) he got his first clipper encounter.

Otherwise, he's fantastic as usual. 

Which leads into March's goals:
Clippers (I would really like to get rid of the full Manchu):
According to the Barn Manager he and his fellow comrades were mechanically shorn of the winter look because of of the weather. Sincere now sports a reverse-hunter clip.
All went well, no drugs, very little fuss. Mission accomplished.
Work on the triangle. Namely setting him up, he already knows how to trot in hand.
Accomplished.  Setting him up was easy as pie. However, we got into the more intrinsic details of don't lean on the halter, turning and stop rushing. He's going to be ready by June to go on the triangle.
-Teaching him independently to pick up his feet by the touch of a whip (comes in handy later). 
Accomplished. He's whip smart too.

April goals:
-Trailer loading.
- Conditioning.
-Triangle work.


SmartAlex said...

You think YOUR spring has been whacky? It has been 80 degrees in western NY. Ace has shed out FAST, but I think it might be time for a bath. I think we could get through that pretty smoothly, but clippers are still out of the question.

Kelly said...

Didn't have much of a choice, either he sweats and gets a bath or he stays cool. Personally comfort before fashion;-) He's a good sport about everything.