Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Roller coaster of love

What a fantastic week with pony wondergirl! And another busy week with a ton of planning and plotting.

The girl is getting stronger and stronger and more assured in the lateral movements. Her half pass at the canter and at the trot are super quality, and becoming less stoppy. Her collection is on par for the pirouette and has been doing more micro pir's in preparation for the full on thing.

But the most exciting part is that we've officially set a time line for Sinari's FEI premier: August. The first annual fix-a-test followed by a one-day schooling show. After the last centerline, there will definitely be a party and a half.

After the spring round of shots, I got to sit down with my vet and develop a plan for routine upkeep.

FEI is hard work on all parties, and part of the game ahead is being as proactive as possible to keep her going as long as she wants to go. In addition to the regular massage work and ice therapy, I'm looking at a Back on Track blanket. We also discussed alternative therapies such as acupuncture and injections like Legend and Adequan (IM not joint).

FEI is also not cheap.

Adequan and Legend is $200 per month. Turning the pony into a pin cushion is pricey as well.

In addition to this, we're searching for a new saddle, thinking kieffer or ideal. If anyone knows of a good site to look for a used one, please leave a comment!

Other than that, it's a normal busy week.


SoraSoul said...

You maybe already know about these but they are some of the sites I looked at while looking for a saddle.

Good luck! I hate looking for saddles =)


Kelly said...

oh yep, I'm familiar with all of them, and the people who own (Trumbull is my favorite and the service is some of the best in the industry).

I'm lucky now that I have County Saddlery on my side.

leap said...

Rick's saddlery.

Ebay is good for Kieffers. Got a Wein DL for 650$; very solid saddle.