Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The inside-outside connection.

I've been bad about updating lately. The nice weather, erratic schedule and good amounts of work hasn't allowed me to do much for writing.

Aside from the saddle issue, Sinari is doing well. She's dropped about twenty pounds and has begun to fit up into the the spring work.

We're almost six weeks in to the meat of the work and it's more or less about cleaning house at this point. She knows all the movements, it's just assuring them and strengthening them. Give it another six weeks and we should be rocking things out pretty well for FEI.

Recapping March's goals, we should be there soon:

The adjustable outline/ the accordion
Getting much better. Now systematically progressing utilizing stretch warm up in the front part of the week to a full ramped-up FEI outline by the end. 
Lateral work, specifically half pass. Needs more flow, and of course, the zig-zags.
Started breaking these down into baby steps again. First stabilizing the bend then adding in more generic lateral work. Got several good ones in the past week, but needs to be more comfortable in the gaits. 
Smoother, but still too large, especially after the third step. Working haunches in regularly to narrow it down. Better at the walk than at the canter.
-Transitions out of the halt to canter. She gets jiggy (not that I mind, it will come in handy for piaffe), and becomes stoppy at the up transition (resists contact). I want her to become comfortable with the transition itself.
Haven't worked this in a while. So a bit sticky still.
Tempi Changes (at least green ones) and regular uphill, straight changes.
Score! She does tempi's too bad she's whip smart about them. 
If the weather will allow- conditioning.
Went out a few times, but nothing to blow out in. Now the ground is parched and hard. Can't really win.

April's Goals:
Pirouette work
Half pass
Half halts
More educated transitions through the gaits. 
Saddle that fits properly
School through PSG at least once.
Double bridle.
Rolex is in two weeks and the shopping is supposed to be fabulous. On the list is Back on Track, a Shadbelly, sitting in saddles and talking to my breeches peeps. Can't wait.

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