Friday, March 5, 2010

Rumble young man rumble

February, in all it's slothful glory, is finally over.

I'm never happier to see the ugly stepsister month go away. 

It was the month that left most of us homebound in the south. One minute it would be clear, next, it there would be two feet of snow and ice.

For those of you who don't live below the Mason-Dixon, two inches closes schools for about three days. Two feet puts an entire towns in to a catatonic state.

Kentucky is no exception, and to add to our lack of weather awareness, we add narrow, twisty roads flagged by Irish stone walls.

It's sad and amusing at the same time.

My time with the young man was trunkated at best. I felt bad just removing the blanket somedays.

But March's luck is already rubbing off. We've had a series of warm days, several events have conspired in just the first week alone to make up for 28 days of misery.

Despite the in and out status, he did meet most of his goals for February.

 -Standing for the farrier. 
Tony came by the other week. He stood up without pulling or fussing for twenty or twenty five minutes while his feet were trimmed and reshaped. 

Couldn't do that this month, just couldn't find a free plug due to the defrosters.

-In and out of the arena
Success! He goes in and out of the arena, leads and turns left and right. 

He does this oh so well to begin with, so it really was a gimme goal.

March's goals?:
-Clippers (I would really like to get rid of the full Manchu)
-Work on the triangle. Namely setting him up, he already knows how to trot in hand.
-Teaching him independently to pick up his feet by the touch of a whip (comes in handy later).

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