Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh peace

Hello spring, good bye baby yak!

Sincere has been shedding out fistfuls of hair and is growing more mane and tail. While he's already flashy enough, his mane and have a gorgeous color, nothing to rival Sinari's, but still very, very pretty. I'm debating about what to do with his mane as he grows older, I don't want to leave it long, but at the same time, I suck at button braids.

It's hard to think in two months the little goose will be a yearling. Time flies way too fast.

There really hasn't been much to update, Sincere has been doing well. We've started a pony palates program to start making him flexible and more handy. This will probably bite me on the bum later, but right now, I'm looking to maximize his gaits. Also for all the awkwardness, he still remains incredibly balanced and very, obedient. 

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