Saturday, March 13, 2010

All the right moves in all the wrong places

Spring is finally here, however timing, if anything isn't.

After working for five straight weeks on a varied schedule, I finally, at least temporarily, get to return to a normal work week.

Sinari and I returned to normal work in the outdoor.

Capitalizing on the come-back lessons from the prior weeks, we split the work down into segments. Somedays we would work on solidifying bend, flexibility and lateral work, the experimental stuff and the others working, insistently, on the consistency of the work at hand.

Returning to work is never easy.

To get to the goal of FEI, we have to address a few issues that are currently popping up. In reality they aren't really issues, but a contract negotiation for the upcoming work. But, she is coming back, improving from prior work and has becoming all much more stronger.

This week she achieved bigger, more educated, flying changes. We reconfirmed the shoulder-in to half pass to shoulder in work, and sharpened the half halt. As for myself, I need to learn to sit back again.

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