Sunday, February 21, 2010

They call him flipper

Today, it dawned clear.

It wasn't the first day. But today, it felt good to be outside in the warmth with just a pullover,  regular layers and none of the winter wear.

The snow is nearly gone, and it's cousin, mud, has taken up residence in my paddocks and various high-traffic spots. I don't expect it to stay away for too long, but it's a nice reprieve.

It also gave a chance to actually go work with Sincere.

Since it was nice, Sincere's blanket was cast aside. His yak self came in, ate and I marveled at the hair, the mound of whithers appearing and the giant chip that he had developed in his right front.

Like a bad hang nail, I felt guilty for not being able to spend too much time with him. I added him to the farrier list and went about the business of currying off all the skin funk that developed in the nasty weather. 

During this time I tied him to the wall and he stood up and still. Not expecting a mature response, I called for the measuring stick to see where we're going in the height department. Stood for that as well. Sticking 12.2 at nine months, he's by no means the class shrimp, but not a giant.

And how the opinion has changed about the barn. He's now attatched. What used to be a mad dash back to the paddock now has turned into a slow drag. Food and attention do that I suppose.

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