Sunday, February 28, 2010

I knew I wouldn't forget you

Despite the slow weather, the blog and the pony have gained more recognition in the community. Good Karma is always fun and the pony enjoys her fans. 

First, Horse and Wildlife Gifts emailed with super complements and praise about the blog and the contents. They frequently feature good reads on their own, and picked up a few more things to read in the off hours.

Secondly, I was tagged by frequent commenter Golden the Pony Girl.

I've been following her stuff between rounds, and like the way she engages her readership and her approach to riding as an academic. 

I'm also flattered about the award.

It's the second award that the blog has been awarded and by the comments and attention it's received over a few short years that we've been here, the attention always comes as a pleasant surprise.

I don't count myself in any inner circle, or anything special in the dressage world, just another Adult Ammie making her way through the levels with a nice pair of ponies. 

Part of the award is I divulge seven things about myself:

1) I used to do combined training. I would like to think I did it pretty well, but honestly, I was a cheeky child who probably didn't deserve to be out there. I still love the sport, and condition to many of the principles, but can't bring myself to go back to it.

2) Before anything begins for the day, I must, must, must have coffee. I've been an addict since my short stint at Starbucks. Same goes with email. Otherwise, I'm fairly grouchy throughout the day.

3) I co-own a company. Team EnGaged Clinics. There's a good history-story behind it, but, the goal is to bring equestrian education to anyone who wants to learn. If you're in the area, do attend. Would love to meet everyone.

4) I never started with the intent of being so involved with the internet. But circumstances and apparently random ability to work it, has placed me in an IT role more than once.

5) I don't like drama. I prefer keeping a good personal house, and I really don't have time for the extra stupid stuff that we all went through in highschool.

6) I'm persnickity about design. I despise poorly designed, impractical stuff. It bothers me that I have to deal with much of it.

7) I'm competitive, but not compeitition driven. I like competing, but not as frequently as many of my peers. I feel that compeitition should be used as a proving ground for what we're striving for, not a means to chase awards.

Also apart of the award, I have to tag 15 (?! [I don't have 15!]) blogs (the links can be found in my profile):
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(alright I had 15).


Austen said...

I loved your list! Especially the part about being persnickety about design. My degrees are in arts and design, so it makes me utterly INSANE to see things nearly useless due to poor design. Ack! I'm getting angry just talking about it!

Anyway, I'm a lurker ... but just had to comment about that! I also want to tell you how beautiful your ponies are!

Kelly said...

Hi Austen! Thank you for the lovely comments (and the crusade to end bad design!)