Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Day Sunshine

After two weeks of not riding, hiking a couple of times through the tundra to get to the barn, nearly getting the truck stuck in the snow drifts, and facing icy paths with a hot bucket of mash, we're back.

At least temporarily.

Sinari, who hasn't been out consistently since the weather, rediscovered the joys of turnout. She also discovered the joys of giving me a few gray hairs as well.

The snow was actually a help for collected after most of the ice cleared out.

As a person who was used to having a body of water (the Atlantic) to work in occasionally, the snow makes the nice seasonal substitution to teach a pony to flex hocks and make the trot more passage-y. Lacking an ocean, we worked passage in the snow drifts. Fantastic cardo workout (for her, I just had to occasionally get her forward to leave her alone) and the desired side effect. Wish it would snow like this a bit more to get the work in.

We returned to our regular work on Friday, under lunge to get her back in shape. We got to try out a Christmas purchase which worked out well for what we're trying to accomplish (uphill balance, fitness and relaxation). We're far from competitive at the moment, but everything is still there.

We hope to be under saddle by midweek next week and back to the full work by week three. Barring the return of snowmageddon.

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