Sunday, January 31, 2010

You think you got the stuff

This week ran hot and cold with training. Hot in the sense Sinari came into training with what felt like twice the firepower and ability and cold... well... more like spotty for the amount of time spent in the tack.

She went through her paces fabulously, but the intensity of the work fried her a bit. I asked for too much and got a ton (in a snaffle), but at the end, I think I overstepped her a bit.

In that session, we worked on backing up immediately to canter, mediums, extensions, collected on the spot, schooling pir's, ultra-green tempi's and piaffe.

You get it? It's hard stuff. 

The second session of the week was spent making up, large stretching circles, various outlines a bit of back and forth. It was short, and very sweet. Finished up on shoulder in/haunches in.

This week, the weather is supposed to hold. Hopefully we'll get on with everything.  

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