Sunday, January 24, 2010

What you got they can't steal it

Since the weather cleared up briefly, Sincere and I took a walk around the property after his evening supper.

The last time we did this was when he before he was weaned. It lead to much dragging, calling and unhappiness to both parties involved. Since then the weather and time had prevented us from going back out into the wilderness and to be quite frank, I'd rather not go skating behind the young man.

But the other day when we ventured forth he proved beyond brave (minus one puddle that came out of nowhere).  In the face of cows, running horses and big scary old tobacco barn he lead willingly past, stood and paid attention, pausing twice to take it all in before venturing on to greater things. Zero screaming, zero pulling, just a lovely walk around the property. He has grown up brave and willing, it should be interesting to see him go under saddle. We concluded with walking over tarps and poles and picking up feet while remaining ground tied.

Speaking of feet, his are excellent. Beautiful wide soles, thick walls and a huge frog. Minus the crack in the right front, which was my fault for not taking care of the chip when I should have, he has no trouble over the tough, rolly terrain that his current field presents. But because of the mud, we're taking note for thrush and other maladies.

Blanketing is still a bit of a challenge. While he happily wears it, getting it on and off can be interesting at times. He should get plenty of practice over the next few weeks, the weather is in flux.


david said...

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Kelly said...

Thank you.

While, I have relied on internet sites (my favorite is dressage daily's horses market); I find the best way to look for a horse is through word of mouth.

Anonymous said...
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