Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's not a hill, it's a mountain

We're back from break, and just in time for the negative temperatures and indoor seclusion.

While I'm appreciative of the indoor, it's a breeding ground for boredom.

Over the spring and summer, unless the weather is slick and wet, we go outside and work. We spend a little time in the actual indoor (three days at most) the rest of the time is split between conditioning sets, working in teh polo fields and work in the giant outdoor.

We are indoors and while the intensity hasn't diminished the variety has. It sucks. So we're becoming much more clever.

I'm started to school more in hand to produce better collection and to break things up. I want to try my hand at long lining again as well.

I've began to teach tricks such as Spanish walk and bow. There are days were all we do is loosening work. Something I didn't think I would resort to-- ever. But I'm desperate.

The dropping barometer also gives us an excuse to take off and address other issues.

Like saddle fit.

I'm sending my year-old saddle in to be reflocked and fit. It started bridging, and while it still theoretically fits, it needs to be redone, she's not as forward and not as willing to bend through the rib cage. Which is unlike her. 

Facing down January, reminds me of December's goals, which were met with success.

Three on the spot steps of piaffe
Achieved. The idea to make her quicker and take short steps from the halt or reinback produced a more together piaffe. She also prefers the double in working in this.
Clean changes when asked for:
Achieved. She's smart at these. Too smart. Upping the ante to straight changes.
Lateral work
Progressive. But needs to be stronger. We're working through the zig-zag exercise to produce an active hind end.
Progressive, but still fairly tense due to saddle fit.
Improved, but not 100 percent there. Normally I would resolve this out by conditioning hacks, but no go on that one.

Medium/Extended work
3 very collected steps of canter
Lateral work
The adjustable outline

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SmartAlex said...

Keep us posted on your progress with the Spanish Walk. I've been working on it once or twice a week for almost a month, and while the cues are very well set, and we're getting great height, I can't get any forward motion. Even with a helper. Time to break out the long lines I think.