Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm a big boy now.

We've been snowed in again and normally I would venture forth to see the small child, this time, I wimped out. He's thankfully taken care of with the rest of his classmates.

Speaking of classmates, his are huge in comparison. The Lusitano colts tower by at least six inches with attitudes to match. Currently he stands around 12 hands, his growth spurt has slowed down considerably since winter hit.

So with the down time, I found a thread over on COTH about the benchmarks of pony size. Currently he's hitting the range for a large, or just barely horse. But it really makes me wonder, how big is he going to get? 

Savant, his sire (now gelded, pictured above) is about 16.2. May was pushing 14.0. So it really makes me wonder where he's going to end up and what he'll look like.

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