Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here comes the sun

The weather holds a grudge out here. The small window of beautiful, welcoming weather didn't stay.

It turned nasty over the weekend. 

Rain melted what was left of the snow, and turned everything into slick mud pile.

With the mud Sincere saw fit turn himself in to a plain bay. Slicked down by the driving rain, his fluffy winter coat gave away what he had (or had not) in conformation. So far, he looks pretty good for an awkward youngster. Like the neck, his angles, legs. His croup is a little short, and he's currently even right now, but he does have whithers. Somewhere.

His ears are still big. But I like them.

Despite the nasty, cold weather, the young man in his blanket, ground tied and trimmed well with minor incident.

He led fabulously and is pretty alright with much of what's going on. There is very little worry in him. It's a considerable attitude change from a few months ago. I have a feeling food and attention were much to do with it. But I also think he's coming into his own independent self.

I actually like him and his personality. He's the jock of the group.

While everyone else was at USEF's annual, I was at home filling production. It was well spent. Managed to get a few things done. But still have a lot to do.

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