Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't let me down

Until today, it's been the frozen tundra of the south.

I can't complain too much, I have an indoor. And, while I wish I was in Florida, sipping Mojito and eating fine Cuban food, apparently they got smacked around just as hard. So no hard feelings there.

The time off allowed me to do a bunch of things I was meaning to do. Like set up plans, catch some extra sleep, run errands, and be very, very, bored. 

We returned to work today, if briefly.

Saddle is due back in one week. Not a minute sooner too.  Sharon, in the meantime, has graciously lent me her's to give a shot with. Hopefully-- I won't love it too much (Steffan Peters Custom). Today we just lunged and did a bit of housework. My tack is filthy.

The lack of variety has finally taken it's toll, on fitness. While we are able to work gymnastically, we aren't used to the lack of roads and tracks. Sinari looks like a wee butterball. It be on hold due to rain and the melting snow. There is a strict no divot policy on the polo field.

Other than that, there are usual plans in the works. Would just like to get my house in order.

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