Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Winter is definitely here, and all the babies are more like miniature yaks collecting frost than the slick young babies from six plus months ago.

Sincere's first winter is going well so far. The young man, like his class are woolly, and fresh from the north wind. You see them occasionally tear around the large fields playing their games.

Unlike his classmates, he is not enjoying the wind and the cold. While fresh, he's wimpy. This 8 degree windchill thing? No Ma'am! Not having it. Living uncivilized in the cold? No thanks. He came jogging today looking for a good scratch and warm mash.

I don't blame him. I'm sounding retreat quickly to the indoors, a hot meal and a warm bath.

Because occasionally I get to work with other foals from his age class, I'm surprised (and rather pleased!) to see how short he is in comparison. In comparison, he's a full hand, to hand and a half shorter. The other foals are already the size of Sinari (standing a stout 14.1), well mannered to boot. 

Yes, not everyone celebrates a short horse.  But I do.

What's even more pleasing is he's just as stout.

December's goals were met with a mix bag:
-Trailer loading
We approached this briefly. He was willing to work around, but no loading.
Success. He ties, just is wiggly about it.
-Stall time
He currently lives in at night, and is more comfortable with it.
He's been back in one a few times, but nothing major.

January's goals:
-Stall time

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