Sunday, August 23, 2009

Playing catch up

Over the week I've been playing catch up with everyone and everything. Most of the time, I feel like I've been commuting to and from places without really accomplishing something.

The first ride on Sinari wasn't so bad. She was hot to go, and I was tense. Got into the arena and it wasn't so bad, did a few changes, half pass work nothing extraordinary.

But the flies were so bad, that I cut it short fairly quickly. I was a bad person and didn't spray her down.

I can't do anything serious with Sincere due May, who pulled a tendon while partying out in the field. She's resting up with a couple of grams of bute. Still have to worm everyone, everyone needs trims, I need normalcy back. I need to be home at my regular barn.

Nix that, I really want my own barn.

Still haven't found Sincere's halter (halter gnomes win this one). Normally I go to Quillins, but they were closed by noon on Saturday. So it meant trekking out to Fenell's to get get another figure eight, which turned out was too small.

Apparently it's not just his body that's grown, he now has a big honkin' head. He's ready for a little boy halter. Another trip out to Fennell's.

Also made a trip out to Gram's to get my saddle, bridle and sugar cubes for Sinari. Not to mention paying the shavings bill. Ran into a few people, and spent the morning talking away. Should be back in lessons hopefully by next week. They also recently had added new sand to the arena, which looks oh-so-lovely. I wanted to make sand angels in the middle of it, but when I walked out in it, it was super deep and needed to be leveled out a bit more.

I've managed to go truck shopping, all of twice. Hopefully I'll get into Stigers or Bob Allen on Monday. I also have my mum looking up north. It's not that I don't want her to look, its just the trip I have to make if she finds one.

It's hard to fit in an entire schedule of stuff, when you've barely caught up all week.

(Photo credit: Kelly McChesney)

And per request of some readership- new photo of the wee child. More to come later.


Karen said...

LOVE the photo of Sincere!! He's so cute!!

Andrea said...

Can I have him? He'll fit in my bedroom. He can even sleep under my bed.