Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keep on Truckin' Part 5: the final contestants

I forgot how bad the public transportation system is around the US. I haven't rode a bus since... the ninth grade. The bike lanes around town also end randomly.

Thankfully I haven't had to due to some really nice friends and the boy who have graciously hauled me around for the week.

What it has meant though is no real way to get things done around town. So I'm stuck looking at trucks. Good, bad and otherwise.

Despite the Cash for Clunkers program taking the majority of the used market, I managed to find three lovely contestants.

Contestant One:
1999 4x4 F250 V10, owned by an acquaintance. Crew cab, very clean. 160k miles on it. Fifth and bumper hitch and hauling ready. White.

Contestant Two:
2004 4x4 F250 V10, Dealer owned and just shipped in. Super Cab, cloth bench seating (ick), bumper hitch (no fifth wheel) and haul ready. Grill guard. 156k miles on it. White. Asking 12,900. Just think the above image in... white.

Contestant Three:
2001 4x4 F250 V10, Dealer owned. 133k miles on it. Crew cab, captains chairs up front, bench in the back. Bumper pull ready, no fifth wheel. White. Asking 9,900.

Going for test drives tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm canceling my week and leaving y'all with more cuteness:

and behold my newest tech lust purchase:

Be jealous. Be very jealous.

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