Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Keep on Truckin' 4: Butt head.

After flying home on Saturday, the real work begins looking for a big, expensive four wheeled pet that can haul the expensive four legged ones around.

Trailer searching has been far easier.

It's been a horrible search so far. With the GMC deal falling through, Elmer who I'm in the process of turning into glue and being left at the mercy of people for rides, I'm fed up with the entire process of automotive.

The issue became compounded when I came home and found my tire slashed in my driveway.

What it boils down to is this: truck shopping sucks and my immense dislike for people and their bullshit is fairly evident at this point.

It's not for the lack of trying. I'm working with a serious, very respected dealer who is in my corner and trying his heart out. Plus he's pretty damn cool overall and will definitely be buying all my trucks from these guys again.

So when I get back I have a truck lined up with another dealer whose willing to trade with the respected guys. It was theoretically supposed to be the one. But if it weren't for the cigarette butts, the beer caps, the wrong mileage and the break box ripped out from under the dash, I'm sure it would be great. That random noise under the hood was interesting as well.

Do I appreciate the guy's time? Yes, he stayed open late for me. But, honestly, I expected the dealer to whip out the little lady speech. I felt bad for my dealer for wasting his time.

I guess it boils down to salesmanship. Represent the car accurately and clean it. Say hello to me first (you know the one with the cheque book?), and don't ask how much I'm willing to spend, especially if you know the truck I'm looking at is 10.5k.

Not. Rocket. Science. More like common sense.

Because the Boy's mum lent me her car (sporty little Mazda number), I've been able to zip out to the barn. I got to see my ponies for the first time in a week. Everyone is doing fabulous with the time off.

Sinari looks great, but needs a bath. I spent five minutes scratching her neck and feeding her sugar cubes. She's adjusted to her temporary herd with minor fuss. There's a scab across her bum and she has some dew poisioning. I'll ride her straight through the weekend, gradually getting her going again.

Sincere has grown bigger, but hasn't lost his sweet attitude. Everyone is impressed with his royal self. He's even impressed the local Halter Gnome population by making a donation in his new 22-acre field. The new working student and I are going to wander until we find it. If not I'll be donating more money to Quillins.

May is still May. She's a happy pony who still hates Sinari, is ultra protective of her little man and... enjoys her butt scratches. The best part is when Sincere is weaned she'll be going home with a good friend and former working student as a lesson pony (she knows the complete history). I can't wait to see her go forward with this part of her life because I think it's ultimately important for mares to have careers. I did retain one or two more breedings via embryo transfer.

They all need trims. They all need shots and I need a shot of sanity.

I'm just happy to be home and to be waiting with baited breath on more news.

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