Monday, August 3, 2009

Keep on Truckin' 3: Bearing through it

Rest in peace Elmer, may you find you way to oilier paddocks, and be reborn something noble, like a Ford, or if you're lucky, a Subaru.

My truck is dead. He was a good first truck. Big, green and full of issues.

The old Dodge 1500 was a well built that saw me through a lot of rough times, ice patches and the occasional muddy Rolex field.

Alright, he's not physically dead. But not right enough to make me white knuckle the wheel for more than three seconds. He also made me mad because I put newer tires on him and just filled the tank. Pisser.

But that was Elmer. Always out for a lesson.

The repairs would be simple enough, it's just the bearing. I've had this truck patched and re-patched to the point where I don't know if it was a Dodge.

The problem is the cost and how it relates to car payments. If they didn't cost more than four or five truck payments, then yes, but right now, it's equaling out to the cost of the actual car.

This unfortunate death has left me in a lurch as far as getting things done. On top of that, I'm leaving for NYC in two days. I wouldn't mind it so much, but the boy is going to be home a week later, which leaves me a week without a ride. We're working on remedying the situation.

In the meantime, I've already stepped up the search and gone out to a few lots this evening. I've also called a few scrap yards for disposal.

Hopefully I can get everything out and done by the end of Wednesday.

Meanwhile there are other plots afoot with moving and packing. But the details are still fuzzy and I don't know 100 percent of everything yet.

It will all sort itself out.

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Andrea said...

Rest in peace Elmer! You don't want to be reincarnated as a smelly old Ford.... how about an Astin Martin!