Thursday, August 13, 2009

Being apart of it

My very late weekly update is presented by the letters N, Y and C.

I flew out a week ago to do my yearly hiatus-from-the-world thing, only to end up in the middle of it and a never-ending barrage of calls from people who want to see me, people who I want to see and people who'd I like to work for.

A lot of the calls were mostly positive and hopefully will have excellent outcomes.

But, it's funny how you get away from it all only to be found in the thick of things.

I grew up and in this town and I'm fond of it. I know most of the good spots, but when you've lived away from a place that changes quickly, the thing leaves you behind. Not complaining, while NYC isn't my preferred cup of tea, but it isn't too shabby.

Currently staying with family and things are working out alright. Just after walking the NYC Marathon, you tend not to care if your dear ol da is a raging conservative, and you're the stark libertarian in the family.

The horses, I hear, are fine. They made their move in to their new facility. Sinari, who is staying temporarily with the herd, could care less as long as she gets enough grass. Sincere loaded like a champ and is getting his sea legs for travel. May, however, pulled her usual I don't wanna routine, and after bribery and fussing she loaded on.

Good news about May's situation, is that there is a tentative home for her. More on this later, for now though, I'm just chilling and looking like a fat.

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