Saturday, July 4, 2009

World on a string

For a holiday that's supposed to be about blowing up small projectiles, it's been a bit of a bummer. In addition to the rain and cloud cover, there is nothing in the TV (except a Bond marathon) and really on the Internet. I'm about ready to hit a bath and book.

The day wasn't without activity, I rode with Sharon, working on bending and filling in the small gaps. Sharon hopped on and I got an ground eye view of what's going on. She can do it all, that isn't a big deal, it's just polishing it out so it looks and scores better. Thankfully, everyone is on the same page.

Added to Sinari's wish list is a full custom saddle. I made a deal with her, she gets to FEI in the Duett, and I'll cough up the cash for something really special. Meanwhile I'll keep an eye on the fit, and who knows, perhaps Duett will do a model that's a little more... sporty.

Going back to training- I'm going to leave the changes for a while, and get her more through in the lateral work. Re-gaining full control of the outside shoulder is full priority. Riding with spurs and not the whip has helped a lot. Should make the difference.

Going over to the other farm, I thought of the last rounds of photos that were taken, when he was smaller. The boy has already grown to half of May's height. He's physically more mature than most colts I've seen at his age. I'm still quite afraid that I've bred a physically very large young man.

To quell the fears (or to increase them) I string-tested the young man. I'm not encouraged, but then again, I think I was doing it wrong at the wrong time. So we'll try again soon. But I offer this small plea in the mean time:

Oh size fairy! I beseech thee to not to groweth Sparky beyond 15 handith. The ground is hard and I fragile. Thank you, Amen.

Truck/SUV shopping has been endless. My initial searches proved fruitless, and so I've begun scouring the Internet a bit harder. Initially, everything was out of range, or too underpowered. There have been a parade of people, including a few dealers, thinking what I need is something itty bitty and cute.

Seriously guys, it's the 21st century, girls drive trucks. My horse is not a boat, nor is an average boat trailer in the remote category of a horse trailer, and the equipment it hauls. Yes, I do need AWD, 4WD, or a 4x4 coupled preferably with a V8 or a V6 with an excellent transmission/Axel ratios. And don't try to hide the history from me. I am a journalist.

So, trust me when I say, I would love itty bitty. I would love cute. I would love to drive a car again (in fact I've been eyeing Subaru again).

But right now, I can't. I need a dual-purpose vehicle that hauls myself, and the ponies. And since Sparky is deciding on his size to be in the larger range, I need the extra hauling capacity. So please do me the advanced favor of not treating me like an idiot and telling me what I need.

My search continues after Tuesday, I have an appointment with World Class Auto, and will have an appointment with Jack Kain probably Thursday or Friday. In the meantime- I have Dear Ole Da looking up north for me, since newer modeled trucks seem to be more prevalent because of the hit that the construction industry is taking at the moment.

And I can't believe I'm up to five followers for being less than a year old! Yay!

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