Sunday, July 12, 2009

We got the power

The week ran hot and cold. Literally. Low 80s with showers and partly sunny. It was incredibly pleasant for going out and working. However, riding was catch and catch all.

When we did ride, Sinari and I finally broke through the last three weeks of ups and downs.

It started by switching from whip to spurs. I've never ridden her in spurs until now, just used a whip, and even then I never really used it beyond what I needed to. But Poulin switched us up, and there has been more respect for the bend, and less hand trying to create it. With zero question as to what I wanted, when I wanted it, the level definitely stepped up with a more refined aid. I'm doing a lot less with a lot more.

Then there was the pesky outside rein on my end. Keep it down if you want to control the shoulder and hind end.

There were a bunch of other things as well, between a hard ovulation and the request of riding more up, she became more cranky, trying to escape through the neck. So we backed down and switched a few things up.

She's progressing through it and is becoming more consistent. Today we did a full turn on the haunch and at the canter a working pirouette. Her half pass has also cleaned up quite a bit, but emphasizing a low, pushing neck is the hardest thing because she reacts with her neck. With this breakthrough we're building on new exercises.

Sincere (sorry fan boys and girls no photos this week!) has grown another inch. He's been learning to ground tie, yield his poll, hind quarters and everything else that is his. He's leading longer periods of time, and now trotting in hand.

He also had his first adventure with the farrier. Aside from mom having her OCD moment, he was a trooper. The farrier was mildly impressed with his manners.

The truck search has lead me calling most of the state's dealers. I've been to enough used car dealers who were slimy, pushy and just horrible. This was even with the boy and Buddha tagging along for the outings.

There is a bright side to things, I did find the Dealer who is just good, pushed the right buttons and is just pushing the right thing: what I need, clean cars, reasonable price and knowledgeable service.

I discussed my needs, wants and goals openly with the Dealer and his sales manager. What the provided were two options, a fully-loaded F150 (with drop down TVs) and a 2002 Duramax GMC 3500 with about 100k on it (carbon copy left).

Needless to say, my jaw dropped on the second choice and the F150 went by the wayside. I've been drooling over these cars for years, but in my mind, I'm still years off from owning one. Plus I'm leery of parking, and among other things: narrow country lanes.

They wanted me to have the GMC. Badly. They dropped the price. Twice. To where it would be in the consideration mark. It's clean. It's pretty. It's... a beast.

Going for a test drive on Monday. Will report then.

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Karma Anais said...

Ah, foals. I have a mare that I had just started under saddle in the fall and she foaled a sweet Perlino filly this spring. I am trying to bring her back into work. Sounds like your mare is doing great. Your inspiring to us to keep working.