Friday, July 24, 2009

We built this city on rock n' roll

It's a great way to start off a weekend when the blog has received it's first award.

Thanks to wolfandterriers and her blog, Dressage Pony has earned the Honest Scrap Award.

So with any acceptance speech there are ten things I have to tell about myself and the ponies:

1. I believe, whole-heartedly in what I do with my horses. That from breeding to training to showing to management that we're on the right track, even if we make a few detours. They come first and will always have my loyalty first.
a. I love all of them and I believe in them too.
b. Plus they look good everywhere.

2. Sinari rules. All else follows. This includes but is not limited to: sleep, money, sanity, relationship with family, ect, ect, ect. Thus, I bow down to Queen S. Sacrificial sugar cubes are needed daily to keep her royal-ness happy, I suggest you pile them to the right of her stall.

3. I could survive on chocolate, wine and French food for the rest of my life. My heart and waistline, however, could not.

4. I believe education is an investment, and to progress in anything, you need to enable yourself to continue on and focus on it.

5. Rules of life: Never burn a bridge. Give pause. Be nice. Get everything in writing.

6. I wish I had my own barn and arenas now. The ponies do not.

7. I have two (soon to be three) personal alarm clocks, who are more entertaining than anything on TV at the moment (except at 5am). My cats are fabulous, even if I'm their indentured servant.

8. I'd rather go through open heart surgery than a) buy another saddle and b) buy a truck.

9. I have a wonderful boyfriend (who is very supportive and motivated to get stage one Number six completed out).

10. If you can only do one thing well in life, I hope it's the thing you love.

I nominate (since the majority of my reading list has been taken):

Elaine Ward Dressage

The Opening Chord
Mary's Daily Dish
Dover's World

Rock and Race Horses
SHN News

After a very, very, very, boring week of work, no riding (schedule sucks) I'm off to Detroit, MI for the weekend, then a very busy week of dinners, and prepping for my trip to NYC.

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SoraSoul said...

Congrats on your award! I've read through your entire blog and I LOVE your ponies. I also appreciate the smaller equine and am currently training my Arabian (around 14.2 and I hope she stays there lol!) hoping that one day we'll be Dressage stars. If you get your breeding program off the ground I may one day be a customer :~) have a blog here if you would like to see my pony.

Thank you so much for such an inspirational blog!!! I