Thursday, July 2, 2009

Keep on truckin'

I've been quiet this week, not for lack of stuff to write about, but rather lack of time.

Training in 90 degree heat has been interesting, and adding the odd schedule, it just became more odd as the week progressed.

Between sweating to the point where my underwear has purple staining from the dye in my breeches and nearly falling off dehydrated, it just keeps getting better and better.

Sinari was off and on until recently, lugging around, not being her usual self. She never really did well in the heat. We kept it easy, but when we stepped out last weekend, we were less than prepared to come out and train at the Kentucky Equestrian Center with Tom Poulin.

It went well, but I felt that we were under prepared and until physical therapy today, I was extremely body sore. But since the weather cooled down, the pony feels and looks great.

But there were a lot of confirming moments last weekend, in and out of the saddle which I'm really happy about. FEI is around the corner, and she's only getting better. There are a few debatable plans in the works, and I'll get to them when I get it all sorted out.

We're back to clinicing on Monday and Tuesday. Will hopefully have photos and video.

Sincere, however, has been exploring and testing his mother's limits. In addition to driving her nuts on a daily basis, he managed to jump over the fence and get out with the main herd. Apparently, and unknown to my knowledge, weaning was scheduled five months ahead of schedule. He and the herd were getting along great, his mother however, was having a cow.

I realise the mess that could have occurred if it wasn't for the broodmares and the babysitter pony that kept watch over his chrome-laidened butt. But right now, everyone is happy and reunited.

Sincere has been progressing n manners. In addition to doing all the basic ground work, he now leads without the butt rope, and is learning to yield to halter pressure and independently move his hind quarters. Stopping and going are a little bit of an issue right now, but I suspect that that will solve itself out soon.

Also last week I dropped the car off for it's regular oil change. I had the guys check out the breaks (thought I heard grinding) and found out that the rotors had rusted. It's not a cheap repair (300 range). After chatting to the parties involved, I've spent way more overall on repairs than the car is worth at the moment. It's time to start looking for a new truck.

I hate truck shopping because I have to deal with dealers and it's too much cash for something that isn't worth half as much when you drive it off the lot.

I also have a photo shoot this weekend at one of the farms, and will probably be shooting the TCF stallions again next week.

When am I going to sleep.

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