Sunday, July 19, 2009

Birthday wrapup

I turned 25 July 17th without a ton of fanfare. I left work early, I rode and played with my ponies, I ate curry and had a lovely beer with the boy and then... I had my first old person moment:

I fell asleep on the couch.

At 8pm.

I would go further into the sordid details of falling asleep, but honestly who wants to hear about REM cycles?

A close group of friends and family partied out at the Zielger House in Frankfort. The boy cooked a huge spread and topped it off with Derby Pie and home brew. It was a good birthday overall, with a good gift haul (thanks everyone!)

We ended the weekend up with a 10 mile bike on my new Cannondale, where I promptly kissed the grass around mile nine. Between coming and going, we nearly hit a kitten. Thankfully, we swerved and missed, but we were pursued by said kitten. So we stopped, unpacked and emergency bag into our pockets and stuck the tiny tabby grey female (about a pound at most) into the black cycling pack on the boy's bike.

The poor girl was dehydrated and currently malnurished and flea infested. She's in quarentine at his parents' house until her first vet visit.

The ponies continue to progress, but with some trouble here and there.

Sincere turned two months old on the 16th, and he's finally grown into his long legs. He's a massive amount of gorgeous horse. He's also getting into a stage where he's discovering he has an option of saying no. I'm quickly squashing it. There isn't an option for him. We're leading for longer periods of time, he's now ground tying sucessfully and trotting for short periods in hand.

Sinari is rocking the arena out. We're working on the transitions in the half pass (canter-walk-canter) without loosing the line or excercise. She's doing her working pir's well enough and the turn on the hauch is very cleared up at the moment. When I dismounted, I found out I used too much right spur, and immediately I felt horrible. She's feeling tight through the neck, and wants to throw her ribs in.

Haven't worked on the changes, so I have a feeling she's rusty.

But all in all, good work this week.

The upcoming week is the start of summer travel, I have to go to Detroit for the boy's family reunion then a week of brief rest and then off to NYC. I hope I surivive!

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Happy Birthday!!!!