Sunday, June 14, 2009

Such great heights

Coming off of two deadlines this week I managed to accomplish a lot.

First new published work. I'm sure those with Facebook recognize the images, which were posted about a week earlier to my pro-work book. I really enjoyed this article, from going on to Three Chimneys' grounds and meeting the stallions to having a really excellent subject, it was just fun. Go ahead and have a good read.

I also completed edits on the 1,000 plus shoot I did for Deer Haven Farm. Of the 1,000 I probably got 75 high-quality, nationally publishable images. In fact, 18 of those images of one of the young stallions is going to be in his campaign in the American Haflinger Registry's magazine. The 500 after that were so-so, the rest were just eh. I still have 2/3rds of the herd to shoot still.

Other than that, it was a week that was met with tight budgets, and a little dissapointment. The weather is also somewhere between humid and rain.

While Sinari has been putting on muscle left and right to go through the levels, she's becoming increasingly sore through the body. She's throwing her ribs into me and not giving in either side of the neck. At first I thought it was her coming in and out of heat, she typically cramps on the left, but after palping her back she needs a visit from the chiro and her massage girl. You can't notice it at the walk, but when you begin trotting and definitely cantering, it's there. It's a by-product of a load of "we're going up the levels and here's the work". I'll probably devote the next few days to doing lunge work with her, and introducing the zig-zag work.

Sincere is more curious than ever. And opinionated in the right way. In addition to starting to actually lead sans butt-rope, he's now being taught to stand without a rope to pick out his hooves. He loves to be groomed, probably because he's starting to shed out his foal coat, to, of all things, a dark liver chestnut.

I'm wondering what he'll do when he will grows up. Knowing my luck it will be show jumping or eventing or arabian hunters. But right now, I'm feeling hugely lucky to have two really great, talented horses in my barn.

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