Monday, May 25, 2009

Where's the manual?

It's been well over a week since Sincere has arrived and I'm wondering, did the manual get lost in the mix and did he even bother reading it in the last 11 months?

Sincere doesn't seem typical.

Where most foals cling to mum's side for the first three weeks and regularly give hell about various things, he's already independently socializing over the fence, leading by himself, picking up his feet, enjoys his grooming sessions, has had fly masks on, lead ropes around his belly and feet, doesn't like following his mother and is seemingly much more mentally advanced and accepting than his age group.

It doesn't mean he's not without fault, the little bugger still is slightly resistant about being caught.

It also means it always so positive, while he is still impressionable, I'd rather not turn him into an over-sized dog. He is a horse, he still needs to be one. But still, he's meeting and exceeding almost every expectation. Now if the size fairy comes, and keeps him small(er)... even better.

Speaking phenotype, I still get the occasional comment about the breeding along the lines of 'why would you out cross for a half-bred when you can get a purebred?'

Long of the short is this: I want what I wanted. I took two individuals, accessed their strengths and weaknesses and what each brought to the table, put the hypothetical in a range and then put it in action. I put what I wanted out of the breeding (hey it is MY choice), did my homework and I happened to get what I wanted out of this cross, perhaps a bit more. I can go into further depth and breadth, but frankly, I don't want to and don't have to. All I can say the proof will eventually be in the pudding.

Sinari rode well today, despite being snarky in the neck to the left, we worked hard with Sharon on haunches in, half halts and little short steps. When Sinari gets tired she steam rolls. She can have large gaits, and definitely can trot for a ten, but when exaustion hits, there is no half halt there is just go. We addressed that and a bit more today, and will be playing on that more in the coming weeks.

Definitely should be primed for the Poulin clinic and the NDPC in the coming weeks.

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