Friday, May 1, 2009

Sitting, waiting, wishing

Watching mares is a frustrating job.

One day it's all systems go, and the next hour it's wait and see. But beyond the frustration and the anticipation is the amusement.

The foal is incredibly active and as a few people say, is a pisser. It gives May hell every chance it gets. Why she holds onto it at this stage of the game, is beyond me. However, it's amusing to watch it shift about, lay left or right, push and tumble about. I have a feeling it will be a bouncing bundle of something.

Looking at May's behavior, I have a feeling she'll sneak the foal. She likes quiet times on the farm, and being the consummate southern matron will lay down minutes after everyone has left. She isn't an aloof mare, she willingly shares space and seeks out humans, but she is seeking out a time for herself. I think it will be born, about a week from now, in late afternoon to early evening when there are one, maybe two people on the property.

We're also apparently at day 323 (not 312 as I had initially thought).

Sinari is working under tack wonderfully. Between yesterday and today, we worked seriously on straightness. With the reminder of that work, the changes came clean again, the half pass work cleared up and she's overall more fluid. Today is her lesson, tomorrow I'll gallop out if the weather is alright. She's due for a trim.

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