Sunday, May 24, 2009

Now your world is way too fast

It's been a whirlwind week out here, so I apologise for not updating more about Sincere, Sinari or the rest of the crew.

Most of the week was spent in recovery for myself. After not having much self-time, I imploded, I went hermit for most of the week attempting to get sleep and bits of extra work done. In reality I didn't get either, so it was a wash all around.

Between rounds, I got to scribe at the local show, gained a ton of perspective sitting with the FEI judge at B of what separates a good FEI ride from the bad. Also felt really privileged to sit in with them during the FEI young horse tests to see what they look for at each stage of development.

Sinari had four days off between all the hoopla, and we're paying for it through catch up. Changed her diet a little bit, adding in KER's electrolytes to help with the ruddy warm weather for the next few months.

She's doing well overall, offering clean changes, but locking on the left rein hard, doesn't feel like she wants to carry herself all the way through. The steering also feels off, so back to doing deep bend and straight work.

Today we went out conditioning out in the rolling 20-something acre field in the back. Probably not the best of ideas, but I really just wanted her to go out. She wasn't comfortable with the notion (only been back there one other time), the ground wasn't up to par and was too quick the entire time, wasting too much energy on not on the work but carrying on. But I think going out did her good in the end. Tomorrow is lesson day.

Sincere on the other hand has been having a never ending procession of visitors since his arrival. His human family has stopped in many times to see what's up.

For being only in the world for a week, he's a quick learner. Aside from being caught and haltered, he was bathed for the first time, picks up all four hooves, has had a lead rope around his belly (think girth), can be touched anywhere, has been taught to back up, go forward, lead, gone on his first trailer ride and has been adventurously departing from mum's side regularly.

His mother of course, is deeply unamused.

Speaking of his mother, May is doing well, settled into the new digs without fuss.

However has lost weight because of lactation. Normally with any other mare this wouldn't be an issue, up the grain ration and forage. But she's already on really good forage, but is ultra-particular about the grain. One minute she's chowing down, the next she's ignoring it. It's a never ending guess game with her.

I'm talking to McCauleys about this. I think their solution is going to be the 14 or 16 percent textured, four to six pounds a day. I'll also probably do soaked cubes to help get more forage in her and the all purpose calorie count of Equine One (Purina).

Not a cheap diet, but with McCauleys, the product is vastly superior to anything else. Sinari has been on their stuff for the past half-year, and there is such a vast improvement in everything health wise. Plus they're honest and will recommend other brands if theirs don't suit. Which speaks volumes.

All in all though, everything is on the level. Poulin clinic next month, doing some barn improvements and NDPC not far behind. It's getting busy quick.

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