Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hold it in

You think waiting for a foal would inspire more posts, but strangely, my time has been really occupied with other things to do.

If you haven't guessed: no baby yet.

Despite weather change, moon waxing and waning, sunken hips, loose vulva lips and a bunch of other things, no four-footed addition yet. It's giving me and everyone else fits.

So we're still sitting around watching, trying to figure out how to entertain myself during the wait. Namely it involves a very thick book, editing and many other ventures.

Thankfully, Sinari is there to keep me from going 100 percent bonkers.

Sinari has had good days and bad days this week. Being in flaming heat, she's distracted but not naughty.

Her work is coming along quickly, we experimented with more baby half steps, worked more half pass from various angles and gaits. Good at the walk, alright at the trot, not happening at the canter quite yet. Zero half halt probably because of the humidity and the fact her mind is also on reproducing with the stallion across the way.

I've begun shopping for a medium-sized bucket of Summer Games by KER. It's the only electrolyte that I know of that doesn't really offset their calium/potassium balance and isn't straight sugar. Plus it's a local company who I can go to and ask the usual rounds of questions.

With all the training, I've been debating about the next show, the Majestic in June. I'm not even sure I want to go, waiting to spend the extra dollars on the NDPC and Cinci Traditions to finish off my one remaining second level score and move on to third at the end of the year. This will give us time to clean up the changes, half pass and turn on the haunch without pressuring her too much.

Otherwise, it's been quiet, uneventful type of week that dragged on indefinately. It will probably be the same NEXT week as well.

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