Sunday, April 5, 2009

Never bend better

After the hoopla of the truck settled down, it was back to business between uploads.

Coming back from three days off, we hit outside first. Namely, due to the impending rain that was forecast for the rest of the week. What started out as a simple conditioning run really turned into a mission of bend and send in extended canter.

And holy cow.

Different kinda work entirely. Even though she lasted only 60 yards, Sinari was out in something that would have earned 7's on the low end at 4th. The work is challenging at that tempo because the horse has to have the diaphram for it. After the initial 60 yards, I left the subject and went to the changes, she did two or three of them correctly, but she was becoming less straight as she was tiring.

Friday we went back to the arena, we worked more on the same concept, with micro pir's, canter on the spot and half pass. I ended up with the changes again, and I've come to realise that I've been pushing the issue with her, to the point where the poor pony is getting frustraited. Planning on backing off until after the show again so she can get her counter canter in order without frazzling it too much.

Saturday was lesson day, while Sinari grappled the bend very well, in addition to getting in and out of the half steps quickly-- she wasn't grappling the canter on the spot terribly well to the left. A temporary bubble. But she was on for everything else. It happens in training, one thing looks great the other stuff is occasionally left out.

Today, she had the day to herself (she worked hard), so I called up Poulin and shared our current successes and plans, I was really excited to learn he'll be in the area more and more frequently as resident trainer at one of the local farms. The price tag feels a bit steep though. I also got the KDA Camp flyer in the email box today, it looks tempting, three day intensive at a decent price, but with Poulin happening the same month, I'll probably opt out.

Tomorrow, barring severe weather, we'll be back again. Start running through the tests too.

May is due for her final round of shots and worming for everyone.

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