Saturday, April 18, 2009

Moving on up

I haven't posted much lately because of my current schedule.

This week and weekend is show time. On top of that it's been a crazy schedule trying to get everything together.

My personal goal is to earn the second level scores for my bronze, and I'm half way to meeting that goal.

Despite schooling well all week, Sinari faced and still faces a bunch of hurdles and I faced more drama than usual from the peanut gallery.

The first being the footing.

Normally I don't complain about footing. It is what it is for the area. Most people around here don't do it correctly to begin with, let alone know how to take care of it. But this was beyond deep and unacceptable. It was riding in quicksand.

So I changed the plan. Instead of pulling out the stops and gunning down the test, I rode it as conservatively as possible. Especially around the S corner. It was just too deep to the point where I was worried about pulled suspensories.

The first score just broke 60 percent under a very tough, but fair judge. I saw where I was lacking and will make the improvement for it.

Second challenge being the weather. It went literally from 50 to 70 overnight. It sapped the poor pony of her energy and it was all I could do to keep her energy up and flowing throughout the day.

She pulled a good test, despite weather and footing.

Tomorrow looks better since they moved the arena and scraped the surface by one to two inches. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, people's issues will die down and life will move on.

20 something days until bundle of joy.

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