Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The iron pony

My truck came back from its near steamy end. The radiator ran around 400.


Ouch to the point where I dipped in to my wee meager savings to cover the purchase. Normally, the parentals would take care of that kind of purchase, but as of late, I've been taking on more and more of the financials so they can get out of my hair full time. The repairs don't stop there either. I have to send the truck back in two weeks for a U-joint replacement and seatbelts.

The other problem with this situation is it's becoming increasingly obvious that I have to start looking at new trucks within the coming year. Since I don't like loans for something that will eventually need to be replaced, I'm going to buy my truck outright, keeping the loan for the 'ideal horse trailer" (can we say living quarters?).

The boy reminded me that I need credit for that and a few other things.

So, it's on the list to do.

With the truck in the shop and my main alternative source of transportation slightly busy with the upcoming Triple Crown, my poor ponies were SOL. Not sure they minded too much, three day break (hard pressing a website through). But I had to cancel my Wednesday lesson for it.

I'm just wanting to get back to normal... now.

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