Monday, April 20, 2009

Drowned rat

It poured buckets on Sunday. To the point where everything was under three inches of water. The footing sloppier, the horses and people drenched. They even had to move the judge to a truck because the tent was almost sideways and taking water at one point.

It was a miserable day and it was getting lots of company.

Sinari warmed up wonderfully in the indoor, round, fluid, bouncy, hot and ready to go. We walked out in a break, but by the time we hit the top of the hill, the weather opened up again and we were soaked to the core.

The game little mare was unhappy about the request, the mud, the sloppy footing and despite her internal grumblings, gave it her best when I asked. We bombed around the test, putting in some really fabulous moments (medium canter, collected canter) and some really bad moments (medium trot, couldn't show enough angle in the haunches in).

To get to the point we didn't get the score. We missed out by 2 points.

Ironically we still won. First prize was a towel, which I used to towel her off.

I'm still proud of her, and there will be other times.

But may will be a building month and a few other things, we'll resume in June.

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Andrea said...

Haha, love how the first prize was a towel XD What was the score? Were you shooting for a qualifying score I take it?