Sunday, April 12, 2009

30 Days

According to the little ETA monitor at the bottom of the blog, we passed day 290.  We're now down to 28 days with drama ensuing. 

This week has particularly been busy at the barn. I finally got hay (a gorgeous 40 bales of second cutting grass), 10 bags of feed, vet visits, farrier visits and cleaning out my ultra-dirty show trunk for the upcoming weekend. I still need to clean all my tack, pay some bills (with now non-existent cash) and get the rest of my gear cleaned up and organized. 

My schedule hit a high gear as well. I have no less than three articles due out, a few press releases and web updates. Since I've been slightly neglectful of my Director duties, I put that in to gear as well, searching for sponsors and getting the breed organization to participate. On top of it, it was time for PT, and I was very in need of it. 

But at least Sinari was organized...

Sinari pulled consistent rides throughout the week, and with the new added energy of McCauley's Finisher 14, it's like riding a rocket pony again. She pulled a clean run through of second two on Wednesday, it's just about cleaning the details up at this point. Prior to this week we were working on developing steady extended trot, cleaning up the changes and slowing down the half pass. 

May however is a different story, I get the call on Saturday she's not eating or showing interest in her grain after the last rounds of shots. It doesn't mean she's completely off feed, still loves the hay and grass. Still shows normal behavior too. 

This is my first broodmare and thankfully, isn't a maiden. Otherwise both of us would be on a ship with no course. Thinking it was a reaction to the last couple of shots, I called a few friends in the industry up (there are perks to living in Kentucky) and confirmed this is normal, just as long as she doesn't completely go off food and start signs of distress. 

I have a feeling that this baby is going to be running on time, which from watching mares in my short experience, is like the IRS sending your return back a day later. 

Speaking of... I need to send that in. 

And the weather has been horrible. Between rain and gale winds, I'm surprised we're not in Oz at the moment. It crashed a few computers and shorted out a number of systems the other day, and I spent the majority of my Saturday chowing on Easter chocolate trying to fix a website. 

Today, probably the final lesson before the show, doing a massive load of laundry (and ironing) and generally packing up. My house needs cleaning, my budget needs re-organization and I need a Martini. 

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