Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring cleaning

The wind was vicious today and subsequently reflected the short comings of spring. It was cold, wet and windy. It felt like we skipped the next two seasons and went back to dreary winter.

That and being ill didn't deter me from riding for the past couple of days though.

Starting Friday I went out, drugged with anti histamines and rode. In return for the efforts Sinari turned in another solid work, with throwing her first clean changes in both directions (thanks Kara for kicking my butt!). While I thought we were doing well in one area- we were lacking in flexibility. It felt like a yoga session gone wrong as we noodled our way through various degrees of bending, which ultimately resulted in our first true extended trot (much to our coach's amusement-- calling it a 7) and honest passage (would have been a 5). Today, tried to re-create it, but it backfired a bit, but we did pull off another round of clean changes because of the work we did yesterday.

My position was also picked on, and the fact that I ride with longer reins was stressed on as well. The point being, going through the levels the two biggest components of it are being able to ride straight and through. Picking and maintaining that bend allows the greater degree of collection and thoroughness, by comitting the line-- you can put the horse anywhere you wish at any time.

It seems everyday we do this, the closer I feel to the PSG. That third level is only weeks away with consistent work and second level is in its death throes. It feels freaking great.

Because it is spring, it also means its time to spruce up things. I began as I always do: with the truck.

I live in my truck and despite it's current issues, it was overdue for a cleaning (especially if its going in the shop). I removed twenty pounds of clothes, stuff that was in there since last August, my small collection of Starbucks coffee glass bottles. I found all my saddle pads and then some.

I ordered seatbelts, and when I drop it tomorrow for what its due for, I'll also have them give me estimates on the bumper. I just hope an arm and leg isn't on the bill.

It also means I can start re-creating a show trunk and take stock of what needs to be sold or truly bought. I can put together my spare supplements.

I then started with the barn, first with just raking the public space in the shedrow. My next few steps is to re-organise the tackroom, the feedroom, my little space on the row itself and keep it sustainable.

Finally its onto my house, which is a bleeding mess and expecting a visitor Derby weekend. Not to mention the sheer ton of laundry.

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