Monday, March 16, 2009

Pain in the neck

Our first show is Saturday. Just one test, to make sure that the waters are good for the future stuff and to get out as soon as possible.

Second level test two is simple on paper but there are two elements to the test that just suck. The first is haunches in for thirty meters, straighten, turn, turn right, haunches in right. The second is a similar movement, canter depart, volte, to across through X, walk canter depart, volte.

Wouldn't be so bad if the pony didn't start steam rolling down the longside for a medium. That's my bad. I use the long sides a lot not a whole lot for lateral work (quarter lines and center lines are good for that) but rather for the forward and back.

It also wouldn't be a problem if she wasn't sticking the left lead.

This is namely due to me and my body position, so to make myself explicitly clear, I worked on walk-canter transitions on the longside every three strides on the left. The exercise is fairly simple, pick up left lead canter, go three strides, walk, regroup, canter right three strides, walk regroup, canter left. Rise, wash repete.

Sounds simple right?

Sinari rolled out her steam rolling canter and the sudden start/stopping she began to get tight in her neck. Then she really began protesting on the ten meter circle. Which led to our arguement today (upright stiff neck, leaning, running).

I pulled a boo-boo working that so close to the show and I feel morally stupid doing it to her hollow side. To get this mare to be truly thorough, you need to talk to her through her neck and her whithers, which loosens her back and she truly becomes that much softer. Doing that work so close I think set us back and I really didn't help it.

Back to the neck down work tomorrow, then a day off, then a day out hacking, a day running through the test, then shipping over to the park and running through everything out there.

On the otherside, May, according to the farrier looks like an overstuffed midget mare.

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Karen said...

Would you share some of your exercises to loosen the neck and back? T-Bone is a master at tightened the neck. I'm always looked for new tips and tricks.