Sunday, March 22, 2009

Big mamma

I had my local farrier come out the other day for a trim on Mamma-to-be May.

While I wasn't there to hold (my farm team is excellent), but the farrier was a little more than amused when she came waddling in from outside, looking nothing more than the typified cartoon-broodmare: all body zero legs. He dubbed her: midget mare. Seriously, her belly is twice the width of her normal size.

With less than 50 on the calendar for countdown, things are heating up on our end for final preparations. Starting next month, she will probably start being in the stall during nights, the mare alert system will be implanted.

Speaking of things to be done, after the show yesterday, I've made a list of stuff that needs to be purchased (aside from fixing the car) over the next few weeks to make my life a little easier on the road.

-Breeches (Full seats, I couldn't get a grip yesterday in my old Mt. Horses)
-Polo shirts, black with logo on them.
-Extra show shirt

Horse clothes:
-day stable sheet (I'm coveting a matching Newmarket sheet with the quarter sheet I have, but I really want a traditional wool one).
-Bradoon and curb bits

Storage/portable items
-hanging hooks for bridle, saddle and h20 buckets
-multi-use garment bag (one that stores everything in one shot)

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