Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mamma told me there be days like this

I take vacations in a few places, I either go to Europe, Canada or home.

I haven't been home in two to three years, and frankly I'm due for a visit.

Home is New Jersey. Right outside of NYC, although I have family in and out of it. I love the city, it's a huge change of pace and an innoculation of culture, pace and colorful language.

Things have, of course, changed. Whether for better or worse, I don't know yet.

But it was a comforting sight when I walked in through the door of my bedroom to find things still pretty much looking the same.

The trip itself was mildly unpleasant.

We got to CVG on time, go through security, took a turbulent flight to Dulles only to find our scheduled connection canceled. The nearest available flight was 5pm to LaGuardia and we quickly booked via customer service rep that had zero clue how to operate a computer.

We busted to get out at the terminal to have it pushed back not once, not twice, but three times. To about 8.

Didn't take off until 8:30. We were out on the tar in a tin can until 8:30, arrived at Penn Station about 10:13, waited for the next train until 10:45. Got home exactly at midnight.

Somewhere between this our luggage wasn't transferred from the EWR plane to the LGA plane. So we're fending off of what we have until the courier arrives.

I promise to post pictures-- eventually. Considering most of my wires (not the cameras) were in the checked bag.

Miss the ponies already, but breakfast calls.

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