Sunday, February 22, 2009

Plan of action

I'm ending my winter hiatus from competing and spring season is 'officially on'.

I was supposed to show this weekend at a local schooling show, but lack of organisation and some karma interceded and I was furloughed to the March show. Thankfully due to the management blooper, I avoided traveling in snow, high wind and utterly cruddy weather.

But because the season is on me, I'm feeling the need to get 'show ready'.

I take winter off from showing, namely because I can't afford to hitch my way to Florida (also don't have the pony ready to do that yet) and frankly the weather is so catch-all down here that some weeks you can't ride. Even if you have an indoor.

Season usually begins around middle of January, I pull coggins, get my paperwork/memberships in order (and make a gajillion copies of all), give shots to the group and start outlining my calendar.

It's also around this time I talk to my nutrition people over at McCauley's and now, SmartPak. To see if I need to make adjustments to anyone's feed. Health, performance and good grooming begins from the inside out, so I work with these two companies to really assure that what I'm feeding is working. I also believe in 'feed per need'. If they don't need it, they don't get it. So far, it's worked. My micro-herd is healthy, happy and fit in their prospective duties.

I begin tithing a bit more. Show fees ain't cheap, neiher is getting there. So I decide in advance what I want to do, and I put cash and vacation time (joyous amateur status) aside to get out.

Calendar this year includes:
-Snowbird March
-Meadowlake Spring I and II
-KDA I, II and III
(Sinari, Bella)
-T. Poulin Clinic
(Sinari, Bella)
-National Dressage Pony Cup
-Meadow Lake Fall
(Sinari, Bella)
-MSEDA's annual
(Sinari, Bella, .75)
-RPSI Inspection
(May, .75)

Then I turn to my closet to see what I need. Right now I really need summer breeches (schooling), an extra show-shirt, new 'show boots' and preferably a better stock pin. The geek in me would really like to find a sterling silver Phi, simply because it is the 'golden ratio', and is the mathematical defintion for perfection. Plus it's just so darn cool. Probably won't find it. Plus a bag that holds it all. Rolex here I come...

I would like to seriously focus on my garage at the moment and go hog wild, drop fifty grand I don't have. But in reality I can't do it. I really want the stock market fairy to drop me a trailer.

On the horse end, because I actually ended up in the green this year, I invested in some nice show halters for the ponies. Sinari got her's yesterday. May will get her's in a few weeks and .75 (the foal) got the cutest wee figure eight halter ever. I have baby fever. Also need as always: saddle pads and would like to invest in a thin-line. I need to ask my grandmother to put my logo on my pads. Would like to pick up some sheets.

Because I have three and a half to compete (Bella, Sinari, .75, May), it takes a ton of organization to put through and prep soo....

Then I start upping the training. Right now, it's a lesson a week. I like to school twice under experienced eyes to progress. I begin schooling on a tighter schedule, usually five to six days a week including conditioning runs. Those who are going in hand are on the lunge and/or being ponied here and yon.

All in all, it's shaping to be an interesting year.

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